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Services & Pricing

At UCMH, we offer a distinctive approach to mental health care designed to provide time sensitive assistance. Please note that UCMH services are not covered by insurance, meaning payment is required at the time of service. However, UCMH will provide you an receipt with billing codes for you to submit to your insurance carrier for out of network coverage subject to the terms of your policy.

Our Model consists of 3 critical services







Initial Assessment-$400

Comprehensive assessment by a licensed professional to identify needs, create a treatment plan, and prescribe medication if needed, with follow-up care.

Medication needs-$250

Avoid long wait times with our 30-minute sessions for non-DEA-regulated medication management, ensuring continued care.

Crisis Counseling-$175

Bridge the gap to long-term care with our 50- minute crisis counseling sessions, offering immediate support.

Don't wait for weeks or months to get the help you need. With UCMH, you can get your mental health crisis addressed in just a few hours or days.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our services and pricing.

Benefits of the Mental Health Urgent Care Model™

Shorter wait times
Lower cost than emergency room visits
Efficient and easy access to board-certified providers

Medication needs
and follow-up care

Referrals to local providers