Feeling Emotionally Drowned? How UCMH Can Help You

We are all human beings who feel emotionally overwhelmed at times. When sadness, anxiety, or anger seem to pile up, it can be hard to find a way out. This feeling of being buried by negative emotions is a common human experience. Reaching out for professional support may provide great relief. Therapists and counselors listen without judgment, offer coping strategies, and provide a space to process feelings. In this article, we explore how expert guidance and support can empower you to overcome emotional challenges and find peace and happiness.
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Why does depression feel like drowning?

Depression is often described as a feeling of drowning emotionally. This metaphor is very powerful because it reflects the challenges people experience when they go through hard times. When someone is drowning, they desperately fight for air to fill their lungs. Depression can create a similar feeling – a hunger for relief, energy, joy, and purpose. Depression has a way of making people withdraw into themselves, cutting off social connections when they most need support. Like rising waters that overwhelm a swimmer, dark emotions and isolation can entrap people.

Luckily, there are ways to fight back against negative emotions. Reaching out for support can provide relief, just as a life preserver rescues someone from dangerous waters. With the help of a UCMH mental health professional, you can learn coping strategies to keep yourself resilient at all times. There is hope, even when depression feels inescapable.

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What if you are feeling anxious?

Restlessness often goes hand-in-hand with depression. Anxiety disorder can make the emotional waters even choppier. Nervous thoughts might race through your mind, keeping you up at night as you worry and ruminate. You may feel tense and on edge much of the time. There can even be physical symptoms, such as shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, and disrupted nervous system. All of these conditions make depression even more exhausting. Identifying anxiety triggers will help you avoid overwhelming emotions and become calm again. With the support of UCMH, you can handle all of the challenges.

How can our mental health professional
help you deal with overwhelming emotions?

One of the best things about our mental health counseling is that it is provided online, so you can receive help in the most convenient way. We are always here for you – it takes just a few clicks of the mouse or a phone call to reach out to us.
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Initial Assessment

The first step in our mental health services is an initial assessment with one of our licensed professionals. This evaluation involves discussing your psychological health history, current concerns, symptoms you may be experiencing, personal strengths, and goals for treatment. Based on this information, our therapist will determine an accurate diagnosis and develop a plan suited to your needs. Having a detailed roadmap ensures that therapy sessions stay focused on addressing your top priorities and making tangible progress. The treatment plan may involve meeting regularly for talk therapy, trying different coping strategies, adjusting medication if necessary, and identifying other helpful resources. We will collaborate with you each step of the way to set a course toward emotional well-being.

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Crisis Counseling

Crisis counseling addresses the immediate mental health concerns of those who have reached a breaking point. In 50-minute sessions, our therapist provides emergency support until stable care can be established. When negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors spiral out of control, UCMH specialists are always available to handle the crisis. Getting through the darkest moments starts with feeling heard and understood. Our counselors listen without judgment, assess risks, and identify your needs. People think more clearly when not facing their crisis alone. Our emergency counseling eases suffering in the short term while connecting you with ongoing care to treat underlying issues. We provide a passageway that leads from the depths of despair toward the light of hope. Our help is just a phone call away.

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Emotional Support

Meeting with a UCMH mental health professional for talk therapy can provide much-needed emotional support. If you are feeling overwhelmed by sadness, fear, or despair, it helps immensely to have someone listen, validate, and normalize what you’re experiencing. Our counselors offer a judgment-free space for you to unpack all your hardships – to vent, cry, or just sit in silence. We help to carry the weight and walk alongside you.

Having a consistent support system is vital when coping with depression, anxiety, or other mental illness. Our therapist will become a trusted ally who will encourage you, boost your resilience, and give advice to improve your own life. With such guidance, you can better understand your emotions and learn healthier ways to process them. While the path forward may still be difficult, you don’t have to walk it alone. With a therapist’s compassion and care, you have someone who can lift you up when you need it most. The right support makes all the difference.

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Development of Coping Strategies

In many cases. people are overwhelmed by emotions because they lack effective coping strategies. When you feel affected by depression or anxiety, it’s because you don’t have the tools to handle them. A key benefit of seeing our therapists is that they will help you develop healthy coping habits to deal with your challenges. We will identify triggers, process emotions, reframe unhelpful thoughts, and implement self-care routines. Together, we can build a toolbox filled with effective techniques, such as mindfulness, journaling, exercise, relaxation, and the creation of supports. With practice, you will learn how to use each coping strategy to stabilize your mood before reaching a crisis. Our therapist will support you each step of the way as you change your habits and become happier and more resilient. It takes effort to hone these strategies, but over time, they build emotional strength so you bounce back faster. You’ll feel more confident facing life’s ups and downs.

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Short-Term Medication Management

Our short-term medication management service offers prescriptions to reduce symptoms when your regular provider is unavailable. Pharmaceuticals help to stabilize brain chemistry that was disrupted by mental health issues. Medication can reduce suffering when emotions become difficult to handle on your own. We provide a lifeline until you regain control or connect with a long-term provider. If anxiety ever feels like walls are closing in, we have the cure that will give you space to breathe. Our compassionate psychiatrists listen without judgment, assess your needs, and recommend effective treatment to improve your well-being. You don’t have to go through hard times alone.

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Case Management and Referrals

While UCMH therapists provide exceptional mental health services, we recognize that some patients may benefit from in-person treatment with a local provider. Our case managers can assist with referrals and connect you to psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, support groups, or other community resources. We will collaborate with your insurance provider to identify covered mental health professionals who match your needs.

Whether you are looking for a specialist in a specific condition, a provider who speaks your native language, someone who treats children, or any other requirement, we will search for appropriate options. You may also choose a qualified therapist who offers online sessions. Our case managers handle contacting potential referrals, gathering information, and presenting you with choices to make the transition smooth. We empower you to get the comprehensive treatment you deserve.
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UCMH is the best place to receive your mental health support

Our main mission is to change your mood from “I feel like I’m drowning emotionally” to “I feel empowered, understood, and ready for any challenge that comes my way.” With the comprehensive support UCMH provides, you can move from crisis to stability, from darkness to light, from barely staying afloat to standing on solid ground. We want to guide you to a place of self-confidence, resilience, and emotional tranquility. You can get there with our compassionate help each step of the way.

Don't wait for weeks or months to get the help you need. With UCMH, you can get your mental health crisis under control in just a few hours or days.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our services and pricing.