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UCMH is here to support you during complicated times with our emergency psychiatric services. We offer quick access to assessments, medication management, counseling, and referrals. Our board-certified psychiatrists are available online to provide support within a few days rather than weeks or months. The UCMH care model is designed for people who do not have access to a mental health professional and need urgent care. We can fill this gap by offering comprehensive services with minimal wait times.
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Our Emergency Psychiatric Services

During deep psychological distress, the most vital thing is to get help as soon as possible. By using our services, patients do not have to wait for weeks or months to see a psychiatrist. There are always kind souls who are ready to understand, assist, and not judge. Here are the four types of mental health support we offer:
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Initial Assessment Online

An initial psychiatric assessment can provide understanding, hope, and a path forward. Through deep evaluation and planning, we will nurture inner resources and develop coping tools. No one must endure their darkest hour alone when comprehensive care is available with a few clicks of a mouse. Patients can see a psychiatrist for an initial assessment in only a few days rather than waiting for weeks/months in the regular system.

Our licensed professionals provide effective solutions to resolve any mental health crisis. The main goal of the initial assessment is to make an accurate diagnosis and develop a treatment plan tailored to the patient. All of this is done in a completely calm, non-judgmental way. The first meeting lays the groundwork for an ongoing therapeutic relationship and healing process.

Our 30-minute urgent medication management sessions can be life-changing for many people. These short appointments allow our psychiatrist to rapidly assess the patient’s acute symptoms, prescribe or adjust medication to help stabilize their condition, provide needed refills, and help coordinate the next steps in treatment. For people who have run out of medications or are experiencing increased anxiety, depression, or psychosis, these targeted sessions can start addressing their needs in the interim while they find a long-term provider.

Convenient access to our crisis intervention team, even for a brief consultation, may help to de-escalate the medical emergency and give the patient coping tools and resources until their scheduled follow-up. With the shortage of mental health professionals and long wait times for physical appointments, we can provide comprehensive online support when people are most in need. Our emergency medicine reduces psychological distress and helps patients better much better.

Counseling offers a lifeline to people experiencing emotional anguish and mental turmoil in their darkest moments. We are always ready to listen, assess your needs, and provide caring support. Our counselors can help each person create a plan to stay safe, discover their inner light, and set them on the path toward hope and healing. UCMH support is always available at the other end of a phone line or video chat. With someone walking beside, step by step, every individual can find the strength to move forward. Our crisis counseling is a temporary measure. When patients get a psychiatrist, they can stop using it.
It may be hard to navigate mental health services, but support is available. Our case management team helps to connect people to the right care. We will research providers, ensure that they are nearby, solve all insurance-related questions, address any special needs, and schedule appointments so you do not have to go through this alone. We focus on each person’s comfort and coordinate referrals to therapists, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and community agencies. The main goal of our referral services is to simplify the process and walk beside you on the path toward healing.

People Who Can Benefit From Our Services

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UCMH provides invaluable support to individuals experiencing mental health emergencies. We aim to expand access to urgent psychiatric care to all people who need help and do not have access to a psychiatrist, including:
Adults who are going through panic attacks, suicidal ideation, self-harm urges, psychotic symptoms, substance-induced issues, or any other pressing problem
Children experiencing psychiatric emergencies
People with chronic mental illnesses who need urgent support during flare-ups or setbacks
Families and friends caring for someone with psychological distress
Residents of rural areas without quick access to in-person psychiatric crisis services
Individuals wanting anonymity or privacy around their mental health issues
People who were recently discharged from an emergency department and need short-term support

Benefits of
Emergency Psychiatric Services

Mental health crises can happen at any time. However, UCMH offers a way for people to access help quickly and manage their medical conditions. Here are the main benefits of our emergency psychiatric services:

Cost of Our Psychiatric Emergency Services

UCMH offers competitive prices for each service. The costs are comparable to national averages, but our quality of care is at the top level. One of UCMH’s key goals is to make mental health treatment more accessible, so we are constantly working to find solutions that work for all people. Here is our current pricing for psychiatric emergency services:







Case Management
& Referrals

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How Is Our Mental Health Center Different From Others?

How Is Our Mental Health Center Different From Others? Banner
UCMH offers swift and comprehensive mental health care through virtual appointments with board-certified psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and crisis specialists. It takes only a few days to see a psychiatrist. By providing access to assessments, medication management, counseling, and referrals online, we eliminate the long wait times that can allow psychological distress to escalate. The convenience of treatment from home makes our service an ideal choice for many patients seeking urgent support. Under the supervision of highly respected psychiatrists like Dr. Edward Clark, UCMH is committed to compassionate care that improves people’s lives and makes them happy again!